Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Leah turned 1 on the 21st!!  This year has gone by in a blur.  It still feels like yesterday that I gave birth to her, and we had a Thanksgiving lunch at our home since she was too young to take out.  In just the past month Leah has changed so much.  She has really started to imitate the things we do and say, and she's enjoying being more mobile.  We had her 1st birthday party on the 17th, and I'll post pictures once I get them.  Here are some updates:
  • Weights 19 lbs 5 oz and is almost 30 inches
  • Size 3 diapers
  • Has 2 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth with 2 more about to break through
  • Blows kisses 
  • Does the hand motions when we call "Gymbo"
  • Points to her hair and brushes it when I give her a comb/brush
  • Points to her feet and tries to put her shoes and socks on herself
  • Figured out how to climb downstairs sideways
  • Will do the motion of washing her hands
  • Can sign "more"
  • Does the hand motions to "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
  • More willing to cruise rather than whine to be picked up
  • Plays a lot more independently with her toys instead of needing us to entertain her
Leah: This has been the most amazing year of our lives.  God gave us an amazing gift, and we are enjoying every minute of it. I have experienced my most tiring days this year, but also my most joyful. I love getting kisses and hugs from you, and it melts my heart when you rest your head on me when you're tired. When we put you to bed for the night, we always want to give you one more hug or one more kiss as you squirm and point towards your crib, and we wake up in the morning excited to see you.  Mommy and Daddy look forward to the years ahead, but don't grow up too fast okay?  Happy 1st Birthday!!  We love you so much!  xoxo

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