Sunday, November 4, 2012

Birthday Parties

Since Leah's napping right now, I thought I'd catch up on some blogging.  We've attended a bunch of kids' birthday parties the past couple weeks.  My how life has changed now that we have Leah!  

On October 20th, we had Ruby's 1st birthday and Alyssa's 4th birthday.  I also had Jane's baby shower to attend in between  those parties, and it was Matt's birthday!  Whew!  Ruby's was at Grand Park, a new park built in the middle of downtown LA.  Joy brought in food from Heirloom LA which was delicious! Leah got to play with a bunch of her Gymboree friends and then we had to take off and let Leah nap before we went on to the next event.

After Leah napped, Matt and Leah met back up with me at BounceU for Alyssa's birthday.  Leah had so much fun going down the slides with us and bouncing around. There are 3 different bounce rooms with a variety of activities and then everyone goes into a room for pizza and cake.  I can't wait to take her back once she can actually walk and bounce around on her own.

On October 28th, we went to Jihoon's 1st birthday and then Axel's 1st birthday.  Jihoon's party was at Orange Grove Park in South Pasadena.  Lisa had a taco station and snow cone station.  After an hour we left for Axel's party at his parents' store Broome St. General.  Sophie outdid herself with the food. They had the mimosas, lobster mac and cheese, lumpia, a whole rosted pig, and 3 different cakes from Cake Monkey.  Yes, after these two parties, I'm not sure I ever felt so stuffed before.  The next party will be Leah's 1st birthday!!  

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