Monday, May 26, 2014

Ava - 2 Months!

Of course Big Sister wanted in on the photo session

Can't believe 2 months has past now. She's so much more aware of people and loves to stare and interact. She had her first set of vaccines and took them like a champ! Good girl! Here are some stats:

  • 11 lb 4 oz, 22.5 inches
  • Started smiling at 5.5 weeks
  • Sleeps from 9:30pm  - 7 or 8 am. While she fights sleep during the day unless she's carried, I can't complain about her night sleeping! Thank you, Ava! 
  • She hates her car seat. Hates is not even a strong enough word! Leah will often hold Ava's hand or try to sing to her to get her to stop crying. 
  • She enjoys her baths and will actually protest when we take her out. 

Ava: You have started to cry less and smile a lot more this past month and we've been eating up all those big smiles and giggles. Leah is obsessed with you and can't wait until you're big enough to play with her. We've discovered that you like to be held upright rather than cradled, because you want to see the world. It's amazing to see how curious you are already, which probably means you'll be getting into everything when you're older. We're looking forward to another month, but my one request is: Will you please let daddy hold you for a little bit too??? Thanks. :) Happy 2 Months! xoxo

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Leah: 2.5 Years!

I stopped doing monthly updates on Leah, but since she turned 2.5 this month, I thought I'd give a brief one. 

  • She has turned into quite the extrovert. A year ago, she was more on the shy and timid side. Now she will pretty much talk to anyone and initiate a conversation, and at times she can be the aggressive one.
  • Her vocabulary truly amazes me. We continue to hear new words everyday, and often have to ask her where she learned it from. She speaks to us in complete sentences and wants to be included in the conversation. She will often say "Hey guys! What are you talking about?" if Matt and I are talking to each other.
  • She continues to be aware of other people's feelings and emotions. If her friend is sad, she'll want to give a hug. If I have a serious face because I had to discipline her, she will ask me if I'm happy or tell me to be happy now because she's listening to me.
  • She's in the "Why" phase. She's curious about everything, and constantly asks "What's that? and "Why?" 
  • She's a little fashionista. She has 3 dresses that she's calls her "princess dresses" and only wants to wear those. I no longer buy clothes for her unless she approves. She makes comments like "Mommy, I like your shoes. They're beautiful," or "Daddy, wear the orange shirt. I like it." I also happen to wear a shirt 2 days in a row, and on the second day she said "Mommy, you wear that shirt? You wore it ALL day long." Oops. 
  • Her favorite thing right now is the movie Frozen. It was the first movie she watched in the theater, and I finally gave in and bought the DVD. I can't count how many times we've watched it, and she can recite the lines and songs in the movie. She also runs down the sidewalk with her arms behind her yelling "Let it go! Let it go!"
  • A little over a month ago, she was officially potty trained! We used the 3 day method, and she got the concept down within a day. It was actually not as stressful as I thought it would be, but I think it was because we waited until she was a little bit older.
Leah: There have been so many changes for you in the past couple months, but you are handling them like a champ. I know mommy can't always play with you like we used to, and I know that you're not too thrilled about that, but I want you to know that mommy loves you so much. I'm so proud of how independent you can be and how loving you are towards your little sister. I will strive to be a more patient and understanding mama, and I look forward to getting to spend a little more one-on-one time with you soon! xoxo, Mommy

Monday, May 12, 2014

Ava's Newborn Session

Here are some photos from Ava's newborn session! We're in love with them, especially the ones with the two girls together. Ava was a handful trying to keep asleep. I think I nursed her like 4 times in a 3 hour span. :) The photos turned out great, and I'm so happy we have this moment in time captured so beautifully.

Amber from Sugar Free Photography was amazing. Everything was done in her studio in Orange County. She pretty much takes the baby and works her magic, and we were able to relax (besides the nursing). Her studio has a separate room filled with toys, books, snacks, coffee, and tea, and there's a window to watch her work. She even has a nursing room! Amber supplies all the props and even has outfits for siblings and moms! We had such an awesome experience. Thanks Amber!

* photos by Sugar Free Photography

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I'm Alive... Sorta!

At 1 Month

I can't believe Ava is already 6 weeks! Time is flying by and really slow all at the same time. You always hear that siblings are usually completely different, and boy is that true! Leah was a sleepy newborn, she pretty much ate and slept with some awake time here and there. Ava wants to soak in the world! She fights to stay awake, and her eyes are constantly wide-eyed and scanning her surroundings. While I'm exhausted and slowly navigating this new world of having a toddler and newborn, I'm enjoying figuring out the personality of this tiny human being. She's definitely going to grow up to have a voice of her own!

Friday, May 2, 2014

We Like the Dentist!

We finally had a very pleasant dental appointment for Leah! She cried during the past 2 visits, and I had to sit in the chair while she laid on me during the visits. This time, she was so independent! I did not have to hold her at all, she followed directions, and she greeted everyone with a smile! They took x-rays, checked her teeth, and gave her a cleaning. She told me she wanted to see the dentist more at the end of the visit! Woohoo! I'm so proud of her! 

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