Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ava: 11 Months!

Ava's 11 months!! These monthly updates creep up so fast! I can't believe the next update will be fore her 1 year! Here's her latest:
  • Her first molar is coming out for a total of 9 teeth. I can feel her other molars and canines about to erupt too. 
  • She babbles a lot! We're going to have another talker in the house. 
  • Says "dada," "ball," and I think "ba-ba" for baby
  • Cruises and can climb carefully down stairs
  • She's starting to become disinterested in baby foods like puffs and mum-mum and always wants to eat what others are eating.
Ava: It's amazing how quickly you've grown up. You love to be on the move. You want to crawl, climb and cruise all over the place especially if mommy is around because you feel safe. When others are watching you, you are a little more reserved and careful. People often say you look more mature than your age. I think this is because you have such an awareness of those around you and are so interactive with people. Your babbling sounds like a real conversation you are trying to have. One of my favorite moments with you is cuddling with you before we put you to bed. I put your sleep sack on, put the binky in your mouth, and you immediately rest your head on my shoulder. I cuddle with you like this for awhile and soak it all in! I told daddy this and now he does the same thing with you to get those extra snuggles! We love you so much and are looking forward to celebrating your 1st birthday! xoxo

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Valentine's Day After Kids


I can't remember the last time I celebrated Valentine's Day on Valentine's Day. So it only seems fitting that I write about it after the fact. Matt and I usually will have a nice dinner a few days before or after, and he always gets me a nice bouquet of flowers. While many think of Valentine's Day as just a Hallmark holiday, I think it's at least a good reminder to carve out some quality time for your loved ones. 

Working on her golf game.

Opening their confetti eggs.

Shouting red light, green light directions.

How we looked on the other side of it.

This year, Matt and I had dinner at Odys + Penelope a few days before the 14th. I highly recommend it! We also saw a good number of families there, so we'll definitely bring the girls next time! On the 14th, we had a small picnic in Griffith Park with close friends. The kids had a blast running around and playing games. We finished it off with a ride on the carousel. The girls took the longest naps once we got home! Horray! While it wasn't necessarily a day filled with romance, it was the perfect Valentine's Day for us getting a chance to hang with our favorite people. 

*all photos by Bob Cho

Friday, February 20, 2015

Being a Mom of 2

Photo by Bob Cho
Left Photo by Bob Cho

This video made me laugh a lot. While I was never as extreme as these moms, I can definitely relate to both of them. With Leah, I leaned more towards the Lysol mom, and now with Ava I'm definitely more relaxed. As Ava's first birthday is approaching, I found myself thinking how I've changed as a mother. I think the biggest changes are learning to be more efficient, becoming more of a minimalist, and just being more relaxed. Here's a few examples:
  • There are actually very few baby items I consider essential. Helpful -yes, Essential - no. There isn't one baby toy that I think is a must have. I saved so many baby items from Leah to use with Ava, and most of them have rarely been used! Neither of my kids have ever really been drawn to their baby toys. They much rather play with a water bottle! If I left my house with nothing but a diaper, I would be just fine. I've been organizing a lot the past couple weeks, packing up so many items to give away because they haven't been used!
  • I cook the same food for everyone. Ava started eating table food way earlier than Leah, and she eats everything! I save so much time not pureeing or chopping into tiny pieces separate food for Ava. I'm not sure if there is any relation, but I'm curious if she's a way better eater because of this. Praying she stays that way! 
  • A little fall or slip just needs some extra cuddles most of the time. I hate to admit this, but Ava definitely has a few more bumps and bruises than Leah had at that age. Having a toddler around, I'm not always able to be right next to Ava when she slips on the hardwood floors or loses her balance. I've learned to not freak out over these incidences and after some cuddles she's back to being her happy self! 
It's interesting to look back at how my perspective has changed. I'm sure I still have a lot of change in the years to come! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


3 is such an interesting age. At times attitude and strong opinions can drive me crazy, but there are so many other moments that are hilarious and sweet. Leah talks non-stop, and I've been enjoying listening to her and observing her mind at work. I'm trying to document what she says more so that I can remember them. Here are some of my current favorites:
  • Ava is crying at the dinner table. Leah: "Daddy, sing Twinkle Twinkle to Ava because she is crying." Daddy sings, and I come back into the room. Daddy: "Leah it worked. Ava stopped crying." Leah: "No it didn't.  She stopped crying because her mommy came back."
  • Mommy, I'm eating my veggies. It will help me go poop. Daddy told me. 
  • Daddy, did your patients get hurt because they didn't hold anyone's hand in the parking lot and got hit by a car?
  • Hey Ava, I'm going to be your big sister forever. And when I'm a mommy, I will still be your big sister. 
  • Mommy/daddy, I have something to tell you. I love you. <melt!>
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