Friday, October 26, 2012

Poor Baby

Leah has had a fever the past couple days.  We took her to the doctor today, and she didn't have an ear infection or any sores in her mouth.  We tried to do a urine test where they stick a bag on her to collect the sample and then bring the sample to the lab.  The nurse put the bag on her, and we went to a coffee shop to hang out for a bit to give her a chance to go.  She was so mellow that she actually sat still in her chair the whole time instead of wanting to climb/crawl all over the place. Unfortunately, when we went to check the bag, it actually leaked and we didn't collect anything!  The other option was to collect a sample using a catheter, but since she didn't look really sick, the doctor advised us to observe her for a couple more days.  If by Monday the fever is still there, we'll have to do blood work and a cath urine test.  My poor baby.  This is the first time an illness has really affected her, and that we felt she needed to see the doctor.  She's had a runny nose and cough a couple times, but those never really seemed to bother her.  She was still a super happy baby and slept well.  She's still sleeping 12 hours at night, but she's been super clingy and cranky.  Seeing your baby sick is the worst feeling.  I hope it passes soon!

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