Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Food Update

Leah has been a lot more opinionated in terms of what she eats.  She's not necessarily a picky eater, but depending on her mood, she will choose whether she'll eat what you give her or not.  Some things I've noticed:
  • She loves carbs.  That must run in the family.  If we give her bread at the beginning of her meal at a restaurant, she will often refuse to eat anything else afterwards.  Faced with picking up bread or pasta vs. meat she'll pick around the meat and go for the carb sometimes.  That does not run in the family.
  • She no longer wants baby food.  Puffs, yogurt melts, and purees are not her favorite, and she will pick around those items on her tray too.  She still loves Mum-Mums though.  This makes going out to eat a little easier.  I no longer have to worry about packing all her food in my diaper bag.  I share with her a bit of whatever I'm eating. 
  • She wants to feed herself.  If I try to spoon feed her, she'll close her mouth or turn her head.  The minute I put the food on her tray, she'll gladly pick it up and eat it.  This usually results in a big mess everywhere.  {See picture above}
Everyday is definitely an adventure at meal time!

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