Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Eyes are the Window of the Soul...

As a new mom, our looks are often the last thing on our mind. With the lack of sleep and frequent feedings, we're pretty much in survival mode.  In the mornings, I have very little time to shower and get ready, and I often made the choice to get a couple more minutes of sleep rather than put make up on. Even though I didn't wear a lot of make up before Leah, spending an entire day without make up made me feel unfinished. 

This photo is not me. Photo by Envy Lashes

I mentioned in this post that at the 5 month mark, I started to take time for myself, and one of the things I did was get eyelash extensions with Yen at Envy Lashes! I am now a firm believer that they are a mom necessity! I pretty much have the same morning routine I did before the extensions, but now I feel more put together and confident. They instantly make tired eyes look fresh and alive. My first appointment took about 2 hours for the signature full set application. I like how they look natural with a little more oomph. I get a touch up every 4 weeks which takes an hour. I like to take a nap during my sessions. :)

Before and After (Photos by Clicky Photography)

Yen told me in my last appointment she was moving to a new location in Sherman Oaks, and she generously offered to give my readers $50 off the initial full set for first time customers! It's a great deal, and I hope those an LA can take advantage of it!  

Now go pamper yourself! 

Envy Lashes in Sola Salons
15125 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

* This was not a paid post

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