Friday, June 21, 2013

Some Favorite Things...

These are currently some of Leah's favorite toys or items I'm putting on Leah's wish list:

1. B. Zany Zoo Activity Cube: Leah has the bigger version of this from One Step Ahead, but that website is currently down. It's probably the most consistent toy she plays with. As she gets older, she's been discovering new features and interacting with it in new ways. Unfortunately, one of those new ways is climbing on top of it!

2. AquaDoodle Jumbo Deluxe Mat: Leah loves to draw. While she's normally good staying on the paper, I am still super paranoid about her marking on the walls. We don't have this yet, but it's on my wish list. She's played with the smaller version and sometimes gets frustrated when she goes off the mat and doesn't see her drawing. This jumbo one seems perfect!

3. Mommy & Me My First Doll Stroller: This is another daily activity in our house. The stroller is light, folds, and has a movable canopy. Leah's really into babies, and she loves to put her baby in the stroller and push it around. The other thing she loves - sitting in it and making mommy and daddy push her. Now if only she liked sitting in her real stroller...

4. Sophie & Lili Custom Dolls: Of course to go with your stroller, you need a doll. Leah has a doll she got from her grandparents, but I've been eyeing these custom dolls. How cute would it be to get one that looked like Leah!?!

5. Melissa & Doug Cooking Set: This is another toy I've been eyeing. Leah's had a few play dates now where her little friends had a kitchen or cooking set. She immediately started putting items in the pans and used the spoon to stir them. It's really cute to watch, and hopefully will foster her love for cooking!

6. Cuddle Plush Elephant Chair: I love this chair just as much as Leah does. It's so soft and comfortable. I kind of wish they came in adult sizes.  :)

What are some of your LO's favorite toys?

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  1. great picks! Olive just got a puppy chair like that elephant one and she LOVES it. i melt when she snuggles into it and kisses the puppy and says "pup-py!" gleefully. she also loves the kitchen set at church. gotta get our girlies together soon!


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