Monday, June 17, 2013

Over the Weekend (in iPhone Pics and a Couple Videos)

Joy threw Bob an amazing surprise birthday party!
Made Speculoos popsicles using my Zoku maker. So easy and delicious!

Heading to the Hollywood Farmers Market after church, and hanging out at her favorite spot.

After being out of town for the past 2 weekends, it was nice to be back home spending time with friends and family. We had a low-key Father's Day going to church, hanging out at the Hollywood Farmer's Market, and having a dance party at my brother's.

I'm cracking up at how similar Leah's dancing and golf swing look.


  1. Hi Vivian,I enjoy your blog. found it on google+
    do you have a good popsicle recipe? I found a bunch but haven't tried them yet

    1. hi shannon! i've only made popsicles a few times now, but they've all been yummy. my favorites were the Speculoos Cookie Butter (1/2 cup speculoos, 1 cup whole milk, and the mango (1 mango, 1 cup vanilla greek yogurt, some milk to thin out the consistency).


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