Saturday, June 1, 2013

First Time Mommy Group Picnic

I've been part of this mommy Facebook group for over a year now, and it has grown into a group of over 1,800 women! We had one get together awhile back at the LA Zoo, and this time we had a picnic basically in our backyard at Griffith Park. There were over 100 mommies, daddies, and babies! It was wonderfully organized by Korinna Peterson with food catered from Zankou Chicken, a photographer, games for the whole family to participate in, toys and a baby play pen area, raffle prizes, gift bags, and more! 

Ready to make her move on Hudson
Getting fed puffs by Jace

Our whole family had tons of fun meeting new families, and also catching up with some old friends. It was a gorgeous day, and Leah was in her element getting to roam around and play with other kids/babies. This was the most babies she's ever seen at one time. Leah usually naps around noon, and she held up all the way until 1:30pm! She quickly passed out once we got home though!

Me & Leah, Crystal & Hudson, Masae & Reagan

Poor Leah is exhausted! Photo by SoCal Wedding Photography

I've really enjoyed being part of this group. It's been a great resource for me as a new mommy, the women are so supportive and hilarious, and I love seeing a constant flow of baby photos! Thank you Masae for starting this! 

By the way, they even started a blog right here!


  1. I would love to join this FB group! Do you have a link?

    BTW, can't remember how I found your blog but your daughter reminds me of my daughter! Similar age and also hapa. :)

    1. Hi Margaret!
      It's actually a private group, so I'd have to invite you. You can send your email address to {at}, and I can try to add you.



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