Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crystal's Baby Shower

Today I was able to attend Crystal's baby shower.  I left Leah at home with Matt and was able to actually wear a nice silk blouse and heels!  I haven't worn heels in so long, I almost couldn't really walk in them.  

Matt left for church in the morning with Leah.  Before he left, he went over her schedule with me.  He was so nervous about missing something that he wrote it down.  This is his chicken scratch below.  It's all scribbled out because he crossed out each line item as he did them.   Yes, one of the line items says "play."

The shower was held at Rachelle's house, and Rachelle did a beautiful job with the theme and decor.  Jeri-Faye also attended, and I was so excited catch up with her.  The food was great - bagels and lox, quiche, yogurt parfaits, homemade pop tarts, cupcakes, and mimosas.  I, of course, didn't pass up on some champagne.  We also played a game where we had to match the celebrity baby with the celebrity couple.  Is it embarrassing to say that I knew 17 out of 20?

Crystal looked beautiful, and I can't wait to meet baby Hudson.  So many of my friends are pregnant this year, which means more friends for Leah!  Congrats Crystal!

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