Sunday, June 17, 2012

Baby Dedication

Today, we had a baby dedication for Leah at our church.  Both sides of the family came up to celebrate with us.  8 other babies were getting dedicated that day, and I was nervous how she would hold up especially since the pastor would hold her for a little while to say a prayer.  They did the ceremony towards the beginning of the service, so she didn't have to sit and wait for that long.  Once we got on the stage, Leah started saying "MAMAMAMA" really loud!  It was funny, so I couldn't help but laugh, but I put the binky in her mouth to quiet her down.  She was great throughout the whole thing!  She was super observant to what was going on around her and didn't make a peep when the pastor took her.  The baby next to us was balling, so I was at least relieved she wasn't like that. 

Afterwards, everyone came over to our house for brunch.  I made cheesy polenta with a vegetable option and Italian sausage option.  Everyone dug in before I was able to snap any pictures!  I also got an amazing fruit tart from Portos.  It was so cute seeing all the cousins, big and small, play with each other.  It was such a fun day with the family.  

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