Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Zimmer Children's Museum

Trying to convince her it was time to leave

On Friday, I took Leah to Zimmer Children's Museum in Los Angeles. It reminded me of a miniature Pretend City, and Leah enjoyed every minute of her time there. It was difficult taking pictures with my iPhone, because she kept moving around!

It's 2 stories with the main activities on the bottom level. There are a couple water tables, a large ship ball pit, an ambulance van to walk through, a mini airplane to walk through, and a make believe street with a grocery store, home, book store, bagel cafe, and park. It even has a little baby/toddler bounce room to give the little ones a safe place to play if the museum happens to be crowded with bigger kids.

Every morning and afternoon they offer free programs that are open to the public. The day we went it was Sing-a-long day. The kids sang songs and got to play instruments. I was actually surprised that Leah sat through the whole thing and made friends at the same time. We'll definitely be back!


  1. Such cute pictures! Looks like you had a lot of fun! xx


  2. Adorable! We have a great children's museum up here and Olive loves it. We got passes and try to go once a week. Wish Leah could join us. ;-) xo


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