Friday, October 25, 2013

Underwood Farms Pumpkin Patch

It's funny how once you have a kid there are just certain traditions you feel you have to do. One of those things is going to a pumpkin patch! Our weekends have been crazy with birthday parties and family events, so we decided to go on Friday afternoon. We drove out to Underwood Farms  in Moorpark, and there were a lot of cute little activities for kids to do. On weekends, there's even more activities, but it does get crowded. Leah fed animals, rode on the train, went down the tractor slide, played on the playground, jumped in the bounce house, and picked out our pumpkins. We went through the corn maze too, but she eventually got tired of it, and we had to use the map to figure our way out. :) 

Afterwards, Matt's good friend, who lives a couple miles away, invited us to their Halloween party. There were a ton of other kids around, and Leah totally enjoyed herself. It was a perfect end to our Friday! 


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