Sunday, October 6, 2013

22 Months!

Photo by Bob Cho

Time has slipped away from me, and I'm a couple weeks late posting Leah's 22 months update! She is full of life and personality, and even though I'm exhausted by the end of the day, she is so much fun to be around. Here are some updates:

  • She's taking after her mommy and picking up some ballet moves. Okay, maybe I'm forcing them upon her. She'll do a plie, arabesque, and tendu with me, and if you ask her to dance, she'll wiggle and jump around in circles. Also, when she sees the ballet picture on her flashcards, she says "Mommy dance?"
  • Her verbal skills continue to grow everyday. She surprises me with new words and sentences constantly. She can sing most of the ABC song, skipping about 8 letters. She can count 1-10, although sometimes she skips over 7. 
  • She's obsessed with Minnie Mouse. She now sleeps with a Minnie Mouse doll and carries it around the house, always wants to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and requests to see Minnie whenever we go to Disneyland. 
  • She's great at playing with other kids! It's be so fun watching her play with her cousins independently and even at the park she will walk up to other kids and engage with them. When her friends are happy, she'll laugh with them, and when they're sad or hurt, she'll empathize with them. It's been amazing watching her develop in this area. 
Leah: It is incredible to watch you grow.  Every day you amaze us with how much you know and understand, and how quickly you learn new things.  You are a very sweet little girl and play very nicely with your friends.  Your words are becoming more and more clear, and you are not afraid to tell us exactly what you want!  You also have a great little sense of humor and are constantly making us laugh.  You are such a big part of our family and we are so blessed to have you in our lives.  We love you sooo much! Love, Daddy


  1. Oh how sweet!! I can't wait to see our girls play together (finally) sometime soon! xox


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