Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What's in My Diaper Bag?

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1. Diaper Bag: I used a Kate Spade diaper bag similar to this during the newborn months. I loved it because it carried all the many things I needed for a newborn. Now that Leah's older and I don't have to carry as many things, a crossbody bag has been essential. A crossbody bag allows me to kneel down, go down slides, and swing Leah without worrying about it falling down my shoulder. 

2. Pacifier: Not all mommas agree with using a pacifier, but it has been like magic for us. It instantly calms Leah when she's fussy, and it helps her fall asleep. Luckily, she seems to be slowly outgrowing it on her own, and she only uses it for her nap now. 

3. Feeding essentials: I carry a little baggie with a bib, baby scissors {it's way easier/faster to use scissors instead of a knife to cut up food}, and child size fork and spoon. I also make sure to always have water, some snacks, and hand/face wipes

4. Diaper essentials: I carry a pouch with a changing pad, wipes, and a couple diapers. 

5. Wallet: I carry another pouch that holds my iPhone, credit cards, cash, keys, and lip gloss. When I'm running a quick errand, I can just take that out of my bag and use it as a clutch. This way I don't have to worry about transferring items from one bag to another. 

These are the essentials that I always carry with me. Of course there's always other things in there, but if I forget one of the items above, I usually panic. What are your diaper bag essentials?

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