Monday, May 13, 2013

Over the Weekend

In San Diego (photo on left by Jennifer Kelly)

Seeing these two laugh and interact now melts my heart!
Besides Christmas, Mother's Day is now my next favorite holiday/special occasion. Birthdays just remind me that I'm getting old, and unless you tell everyone (or put it on Facebook), you can just let it pass by. 

Once you become a mother, however, Mother's Day has a totally new meaning! We started the day off at church, and every time I walked past a mom, we had an instant connection. Without saying one word, we bonded over our journey of sleepless nights, food & dirt stains, messy houses, bear hugs, and slobbery kisses. Afterwards, we walked to kitchen 24 for brunch, and on that short walk, strangers were yelling "Happy Mother's Day!" to me! Then at the restaurant, we were happily surprised by getting my meal for free! In the afternoon, we headed to my brother's for a family BBQ. My dad and brother cooked, and Matt watched/played with the kids so that the moms could relax. Besides feeling appreciated and loved by my family, being appreciated by strangers is a reminder how important moms are to our society. 

Yay for moms everywhere!


  1. so sweet!! sounds like a lovely mother's day~ i am with you on having a newfound appreciation for the holiday. i'm grateful for the kinship i've found with strangers as well; motherhood sure creates a lot of common ground! xo

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