Monday, May 6, 2013

My Little Helper

Hellobee had a great post regarding chores even for toddlers. Besides cleaning up her toys, Leah doesn't really have any other chores specifically assigned for her to do, but I'm definitely going to start that. Leah's at a fun age right now where she wants to copy us, so she'll help me put clothes in the washer, put items in the trash can, dust/sweep the floors, and this past weekend, she helped wash the car! I love watching her imitate us, and hopefully, these tasks keep entertaining her for a long time! 

Maybe I'll teach her how to make the bed next?? :)


  1. absolutely adorable!! olive will put her toys away when we say "clean" but demands that we applaud her with each deposit into the box. lol!

  2. Wow what a helpful little girl! And how great that she is so willing to learn and assist. She is such a cutie! Love these photos of her helping wash the car. Thanks for sharing!


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