Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The 2nd Happiest Place on Earth

I believe Disneyland truly is the happiest place on earth for young and old. You instantly stand up tall and get a big smile on your face the minute you pass through the entrance gates! California Adventures (CA) is a close 2nd! 

Cousins from Hong Kong were in town and wanted to check out CA yesterday. This was Leah's first exposure to the magic of Disneyland. Even when we exited the freeway on Disneyland Dr. she yelled out "WOW!"

The cousins had such a good time hanging out with each other. They patiently sat through parades and waited in lines, and they often held hands as they walked through the park. How adorable is that?! 

Leah really wasn't sure what was going on when we boarded the first ride. When the ride finished, however, she kept saying "More! More!" After that she was itching to get on any ride she could. Since she wasn't tall enough to go on all the rides the bigger cousins went on, she stayed back with my mom a few times while the rest of us stood in line. Every time I saw them after a ride, my mom bought her something new (juice, frozen lemonade, etc.). Lucky granddaughter! 

So we had such a good time, I gave in and bought annual passes! I can't wait to go again! Seeing the excitement on Leah's face brought an entirely new sense of happiness about Disneyland. She only took a 30 minute nap the entire time we were there, because she didn't want to miss anything. When I finally put her in the car, she fell asleep in probably 0.5 seconds! Until we meet again, Mickey!

P.S. We all know Disneyland is super kid friendly, but here are some services they provide to make the experience as convenient as possible.
  • Stroller rentals: We brought our own stroller, but I saw a ton of people using them. They looked super clean and sturdy!
  • Locker rentals: Bringing young children often means lugging around a ton of stuff! You can rent different sized lockers and have unlimited access to them throughout the day. 
  • Baby center: The center provides areas to nurse, pump, and change diapers! Every restroom also has a diaper changing area. 


  1. we haven't taken Olive yet but your post is giving me the itch to go asap!! so cute!

    1. go!! it's so much fun! it's also totally worth getting a pass too. you make it up in 4 trips, and then you don't feel obligated to stay the whole day.

  2. I can't wait to take Hudson!! I already love Disney so I can only imagine how it will be experiencing it with him! I'm trying to wait until his 1st birthday to go and get passes, but the wait is killing me!! We'll have to go together once we have our passes. :)

  3. I loved California Adventureland - especially the Cars ride (although we had to line up for aaaaages for that one!)


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