Sunday, April 21, 2013

17 Months!

Dress by dotdotsmile

Leah is 17 months! I feel like we just celebrated her 1st birthday yesterday. She's becoming quite a sassy little girl, and currently, her favorite word is "No." Despite the No's, she continues to give the best hugs and kisses, and she has an amazing sense of humor. She loves to try to trick us or hide from us, and of course we always let her think she's successful. Here are her latest updates:
  • New words: Yes you {bless you}, thanks, yes, ap-be {apple}, please, stinky, puppy, dirty, this, abcd
  • Starting to put more 2 word sentences together like: hi daddy, no more
  • When you ask her to sing, she says "row, row, row"
  • She has started to memorize the stories of her favorite books and knows what to expect on each page. When we read Goodnight Moon, she'll say "Mooo!" right before we turn to the page with the picture of the cow jumping over the moon, and she'll say "shhhh" when we turn to the page with the old lady whispering hush. In The Going to Bed Book, she'll "Grrr!" when she sees the lion and rock back and forth the minute we turn to the last page. 
  • She has started to point to her butt or say "uh oh" when she poops. Maybe she'll be able to tell us before she actually goes soon???? Or is that wishful thinking? 
  • Had her first dental appointment which was a bit traumatizing for her
Leah: You're only 17 months, but you're already starting to want a little independence. You don't always want to hold our hands when you walk, and sometimes you test how far you can go without mommy or daddy stopping you. You can be quite stubborn when we try to steer you in another direction. You love po-po and gung-gung {grandma and grandpa}, and they love the fact that you do. You have such a strong bond with them which hopefully means a nice little vacation for mommy and daddy! ;) It's exciting to see your personality grow, and it's a constant reminder to cherish every moment we have with you. Thank you for being the sweet little girl you are! Here's to another amazing month! xoxo


  1. she is truly such a doll, viv! i'm cracking up at her pointing to the diaper and saying "uh oh!" ;-)

  2. It is amazing seeing them grow up so fast. She is a doll!


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