Friday, April 19, 2013

First Dental Appointment

Unfortunately, Leah's week didn't end as well as it started. I booked her first dental appointment for this morning. When we arrived at the office, she kept saying "Bye! Bye!" to the receptionist. She was occupied by the toys in the waiting room, but continued to say "Byeee!" 

When we stepped inside the office, she immediately started to whine. I got on the chair, and she started saying "Noooo! Noooo!" Once the dentist approached her, it was full-blown crying. I think that actually might have helped the dentist since her mouth was wide open! They were really quick and even managed to get a cleaning. I was impressed with how calm and sweet they were despite her crying. She got her toy and balloon, and we were out.

Hooray! She survived her first trip to the dentist! 

Last but not least, thoughts and prayers go out to those in Boston. 


  1. Aww...she has the cutest crying pictures! Ben didn't even open his mouth for his first dental "happy" visit!

  2. awww sweet girl! she does look adorable even with her crying face, though! and you look beautiful! xo

  3. Sometimes, it breaks my heart to see a kid crying in a clinic. But, they need to start at a young age to know the situation of their teeth and what things should be done to properly take care of it. She looks cute even when she's crying! Haha! Bettye Primm

    1. it must be a tough to work in a place kids are scared of! i'm hoping leah grows out of that soon! thank you for the kind comment!

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  5. The first visit to the dentist may have been unpleasant for some children, but that's usually because they're afraid of their dentist. The next time you bring her to the clinic, you should ask for some advice to help her conquer her dental fear. Your daughter is still young, and I believe that her outlook towards it will still change. Let's hope for that! :)

    Ted Grimmer @ Cody Dental Group

  6. What isthe saying - a picture is worth a thousand words. Leah did not look very happy in that first picture. Just think how terrifying it must be for them. I glad it worked out in the end and they gave her a clean. What about a fluoride treatment or is that in your watering system.

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