Monday, April 15, 2013

An Afternoon in Griffith Park

I sometimes wish we had a flat backyard where Leah could freely run around and play. However, we actually do have the most amazing backyard that just requires a short 5 minute drive. Before Leah, we usually just hiked in Griffith Park and occasionally went up to the Observatory. This past year we have been discovering all the different gems inside the park, and it really is one of the best LA destinations.

FYI: Those are dirt stains on her pants
Saturday, Matt got inspired to go to the driving range after watching some of the Masters. We took Leah, and let her explore. It took a few minutes to convince her to not want to walk out into the driving range field, but once she saw a dog and sticks to pick up, she did not want to leave. 

We then headed to Shane's Inspiration playground. It's a universally accessible playground, and probably the best one in LA. It has so many different play areas, and enough equipment suitable for Leah's age as well as for when she gets older {like a zip line!}. Saturdays is super crowded, but I love them because they have vendors selling roasted corn, pupusas, and other snacks! Seriously, this place is a win for Leah and a win for mom and dad! 

Our last stop was the merry-go-round! The carousel was built in 1926 and brought to Griffith Park in 1937. The craftsmanship is truly amazing. Leah wasn't too thrilled about the ride when she was waiting for it to start, but afterwards she seemed to enjoy it. In true mom fashion, I was thrilled about the $1 churros. ;)

We called it a day after that, but the park still has so much more to offer! Looking forward to the next time! 

How was your weekend? 


  1. so sweet! this makes me miss LA so much; we used to live a few exits from griffith park! xo

  2. I never knew griffith park had a playground like that! I'm definitely going to check it out soon. You're so lucky you live so close!!


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