Sunday, January 20, 2013

Washing the Car

We had such amazing weather over the weekend that Matt decided to wash the cars. Too bad it's raining today though. Leah decided she wanted to help daddy. She was obsessed with the bucket of soapy water and pretty much wanted to dive in. Even though I was secretly cringing inside at how wet she was getting, it was adorable seeing how much fun she was having. 


  1. omg I am obsessed with her shoes!! They're the cutest.

  2. She looks so happy! Your daughter is a darling and she seems to like the bubbles so much! Cleaning your car may be very tiring and boring, but doing it with your kid will make it more enjoyable and fun. At least at a young age, she already knows how to clean cars. Haha! Enoch Ross

    1. thank you for the kind comment! haha and i totally agree! can't wait for her to learn more chores. ;)


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