Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ellen's Birthday Show!

A few months ago, I had standby tickets to the Ellen DeGeneres show. I didn't make it into the actual show, but we got to sit in the riff raff room (next to the stage). While waiting to check-in that day, I was chosen to go through the Halloween Hallway! I don't think it aired anywhere though. The cool thing about getting standby tickets is that they guarantee tickets to a future show! Originally, we were booked to go in March, but I received a call earlier this month asking if I wanted to go to Ellen's Birthday show on the 24th! Um... YES! 

My friend and I were so excited to go, and luckily, it happened to be a day Leah was in day care. When I arrived, I bumped into a childhood friend that I haven't seen in probably 4  years! We got 2nd row seats and were in the aisle Ellen danced through. We were literally 2 inches away from her! :) Jude Law and Katy Perry were guests, and we received a bunch of gift cards and a 2 night stay at a resort in San Diego including a round of golf and spa! This was probably the biggest giveaway I've ever received! The show was so much fun, although super tiring from all the dancing! Since it was Ellen's birthday show, they also handed out cupcakes to everyone! 

I DVRed the show, and they actually showed us a bunch of time! I'm so glad I got this opportunity! Happy Birthday, Ellen!

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  1. This is super cool! Just watching her show is so funny and so much fun that I can only imagine how much more fun you had in person.


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