Monday, March 16, 2015

Art/Mo Project 2015

Last year, I signed Leah up for the Art/Mo Project and loved the photos! When I heard they were having another LA session, I immediately signed up! Last year, I was very pregnant with Ava. This year, it's super fun to have both my girls in the photos. The girls did great when taking their individual shots. That West Elm pouf Ava is sitting on was pretty amazing. She sat there happy for a good 5 minutes and couldn't move because she was stuck in it.  Once I tried to put them together - that was a different story. I worked up a sweat trying to get Ava to not crawl away and kept waving my arms in the air to get both of them to look at the camera at the same time! My favorite thing about these photos is that Jihan and Jennifer are able to capture some amazing moments with great style. I'm hoping I can turn this into an annual thing! They offer these sessions in different cities across the country, so if they happen to be in your town one day, I highly recommend signing up!

{Leah's dress - Cotton:On Kids, similar here; Ava's dress - Cotton:On Kids, smiliar here}


  1. i am in LOVE with these photos. All three of you are so beautiful! <3

  2. awe! SO CUTE! i can't wait for you to see your commercial, it's turned out so cute!


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