Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ava: 12 Months!!

Photo by Jennifer Young, Styling by Jihan Zencirli
Photo by Jennifer Young, Styling by Jihan Zencirli

What a bittersweet day! Ava turns 1 today! This year has gone by so fast, but I must admit that I have been more emotional and sentimental. Each milestone has been filled with some joy and some sadness. It's exciting to see her developing her own personality, but I also think how this will be the last time I see these newborn clothes, this is the last time I'll smell that sweet milky breath, this is the last time she'll play on this activity mat. Today I experienced my last nursing session {although I may squeeze one or two more in just for fun ;)}. I have prolonged nursing longer than she probably cares. Ava and Leah are so different. Leah was more cautious and shy as a baby. Ava loves to interact with people and will attempt to crawl/climb up or over anything. Here are her latest updates:
  • She has another molar and canine coming in. Making it a total of 11 teeth! 
  • She says "yeh" and "yum yum"
  • Still loves food
  • Plays peek-a-boo
  • Stands up on her own
  • Attempts to put clothes over her head and comb her hair
  • Loves to open up drawers and cabinets and make a mess! We did not have to baby proof much with Leah, but Ava will be a different story
Dearest Little Ava: You are 1 today! We have been so blessed to have your joyful, smiling little face in our lives the past year. You bring us, and everyone in every store, line and seat next to us so many smiles. We love your sense of being simply happy and content. At 1 year you wave to us, stand up on your own, pull yourself up on everything, clear every shelf and table top and empty every cabinet. You are always on the go! You are also the best little eater- we joke that we have to treat you like another adult when we make or order food. I also like that our little "mommy's girl" is starting to open up to daddy more- teasing me when I tried to feed you today, giving me lots of boogery kisses, and making sure I am always following you when you crawl away. I am thankful for your first year and looking forward to every day of the next. I love you so much little girl.  Daddy.

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