Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas 2014: Foodstirs

It's that time of the year again! I tend to over think what kind of gifts to give my friends and family because I want them to be fun, meaningful, and useful. I want to share some things I found recently that I think would make great gifts! A couple weeks ago, I attended Club MomMe Family Fall Fest. If you've never heard of it, I encourage you to attend one of their events. There's food, giveaways, fun activities for the kids, and best of all you get to discover so many cool companies. One of those companies that grabbed my attention was Foodstirs.

The past couple months, Leah has been interested in "helping" me cook in the kitchen. I will let her stir the bowl or pour ingredients into the pot, and she loves it. When I saw the Foodstirs table, I knew this would be something fun for our family. Foodstirs is a "food crafting" kit designed for kids 5-12. You can choose an individual kit or subscribe to a monthly series. Each kit provides everything you need to create super cute edible projects like brownie popsicles, gingerbread people, and more! Foodstirs designed these kits to teach cooking skills, encourage kids to expand their palate, and best of all create fun memories. I encourage you to visit their website to learn more!

Foodstirs is giving readers a $5 discount on purchases using the code KELLYKRONICLES through 12/31/2014. Have fun making yummy treats with your kids and get them as gifts for their little friends! I wanted to post photos of Leah making her first recipe, but I wanted to get this post out ASAP so you can take advantage of their kind offer! 

*Photos by Foodstirs. No compensation was received for this post. All opinions are my own.

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