Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Leah!!

Hold up!! What did I just say??? My no-longer-baby girl is 3 today. She's long and lean, smart, sassy, acts way older than she is, fun-loving, family-oriented, and so much more. Leah has been testing her limits and independence lately which has made life pretty interesting. We're trying to find the balance of giving her some freedom while being clear about her boundaries. 

She is an amazing big sister. She loves to come with us to wake up Ava, and Ava greets her with a huge smile. Some other sweet things Leah does for her sister: feeds her, sings to her when she cries, gives an endless amount of hugs and kisses, holds her hand in the car, and finds toys in the living room to give to Ava to play with. 

Leah: This yeah we have seen you grow leaps and bounds. We are always impressed with how quickly you grasp new concepts, and everyday we discover new things you know. You have a fun sense of humor, and constantly make us laugh with silly acts and sayings. You also continue to be so aware of the feelings of those around you. You know when someone is feeling sad or upset, and it warms my heart to see you try to make them feel better. You love fashion. You pick out your clothes and shoes, and you notice what other people are wearing. You might have trouble saying "Hi" to people, but you have no issues complimenting a stranger's outfit, accessories, and even manicure/pedicure. This past year has gone by in a blink of an eye. While sometimes I look forward to time moving faster to see you grow out of this testing phase, I do secretly want you to stay little forever! Every time I tell you to stop growing, you say "I have to like mommy and daddy!" We'll see what this next year brings {will you still be obsessed with Frozen??}! Love you to the moon and back, Leahbug! xoxo

*photos by Shea Anne


  1. Happy birthday sweet Leah! Can't believe how fast you've grown. Your a beautiful girl inside and out. Love ya!

  2. awww, she seems like such a girly-girl! I love it! Happy belated, leah! You are so beautiful and wish you and everly could be real life friends!


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