Saturday, May 10, 2014

I'm Alive... Sorta!

At 1 Month

I can't believe Ava is already 6 weeks! Time is flying by and really slow all at the same time. You always hear that siblings are usually completely different, and boy is that true! Leah was a sleepy newborn, she pretty much ate and slept with some awake time here and there. Ava wants to soak in the world! She fights to stay awake, and her eyes are constantly wide-eyed and scanning her surroundings. While I'm exhausted and slowly navigating this new world of having a toddler and newborn, I'm enjoying figuring out the personality of this tiny human being. She's definitely going to grow up to have a voice of her own!


  1. She is absolutely beautiful! I see a lot of you in her. ;-) xo

  2. aww, look at her big beautiful eyes! Ava sounds just like everly. She was always so alert and curious starting from day one and now she's definitely got a big personality. Can't wait to see your two girls growing up together.


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