Monday, May 26, 2014

Ava - 2 Months!

Of course Big Sister wanted in on the photo session

Can't believe 2 months has past now. She's so much more aware of people and loves to stare and interact. She had her first set of vaccines and took them like a champ! Good girl! Here are some stats:

  • 11 lb 4 oz, 22.5 inches
  • Started smiling at 5.5 weeks
  • Sleeps from 9:30pm  - 7 or 8 am. While she fights sleep during the day unless she's carried, I can't complain about her night sleeping! Thank you, Ava! 
  • She hates her car seat. Hates is not even a strong enough word! Leah will often hold Ava's hand or try to sing to her to get her to stop crying. 
  • She enjoys her baths and will actually protest when we take her out. 

Ava: You have started to cry less and smile a lot more this past month and we've been eating up all those big smiles and giggles. Leah is obsessed with you and can't wait until you're big enough to play with her. We've discovered that you like to be held upright rather than cradled, because you want to see the world. It's amazing to see how curious you are already, which probably means you'll be getting into everything when you're older. We're looking forward to another month, but my one request is: Will you please let daddy hold you for a little bit too??? Thanks. :) Happy 2 Months! xoxo

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  1. THEY GROW UP SO FAST!!!!!!! She precious Vivian!


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