Monday, March 11, 2013

Over the Weekend

We had such a fun weekend being spontaneous and enjoying family time.

Saturday morning, we grabbed coffee at LAMILL {and had an amazing piece of coffee cake} and walked over to the playground by Silverlake Reservoir. Leah loves other kids, and she's has no problems walking up to kids and hugging or playing with them. In the evening, we ate pizza at Palermo  and then walked over to Ramekin for dessert. The chocolate bread pudding was delicious! I can't wait to go back and try the homemade ice cream!

Photo by Bob Cho

Left Photo by: Bob Cho; Right Photo by: Joy Cho
Sunday was Daylight Savings, and I was hoping Leah would wake up past 8am (since that's really 7am), but nope she decided to wake up at 7:45am. Her molars are coming in, which have been bothering her, and she's been waking up earlier than normal! We went to church and walked across the street to grab lunch at the Hollywood Farmers Market. Later in the afternoon, we ran some errands and then got a call from Bob and Joy to hang out at the playground. We met up with them and the two girls were the absolute cutest ever. I really hope they stay friends into adulthood! The husbands kept talking about Mexican food, so afterwards we all grabbed dinner at El Tepeyac for some AMAZING food. The girls were so well behaved.

Matt and I are sitting in bed looking through these photos over and over again. So much fun!

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