Monday, February 11, 2013

Suit and Tie

Photo by Yue Xu

Photo by Yue Xu
Timbaland and Jay-Z
Photo by Yue Xu
Signing up for Twitter a few weeks ago ended up being a great decision! I followed my bf, Justin Timberlake, and found out about a special post-Grammy concert he was having! I was fortunate to score tickets on 2/10, and needless to say, the concert was UH-MAZING!!! It was at the Hollywood Palladium, and it was total madness when we went. We waited 2 hours outside in the cold and another 2 hours inside. I bought a bacon wrapped hot dog from a street cart to help keep me warm! JT came on at 11:30pm, but the minute he started singing, those 4 hours were totally worth it! Jay-Z and Timbaland were guests that came on for the last two songs. I still get excited just thinking about how awesome this concert was! {Sorry for the blurry pics, but you know you still appreciate it. :)}


  1. I am soooooo jealous of you... It love JT!!!!

    1. you should totally go when his official tour starts! this was only a preview, and it was AMAZING!


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