Sunday, December 2, 2012

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

This weekend we experienced our first night away from Leah. We went to a wedding at Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs.  The Colony is a small, boutique hotel which has old school Hollywood charm. It's the perfect romantic getaway for a couple but not very kid friendly. In their confirmation email, they specifically state that the hotel caters to an "adult experience" and that it's not always ideal for children 3-16.  

While we enjoyed our weekend away to celebrate our friends' marriage, we totally missed Leah and constantly looked at pictures/videos of her.  We tried not to be those parents that only talked about their kid though.  ;) We briefly Facetimed with her, which I think made her a little upset that she could hear and see me but not touch me.  My parents sent us videos and pictures of her (like the one above) to ease our anxiety a little.  So now that we survived one night, maybe it's time to plan a longer getaway....

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