Friday, December 21, 2012

13 Months!

Photo by Bob Cho

Photo by Bob Cho

Since Leah turned 1, I kind of forgot about monthly updates. It's been hard keeping up with this girl! Here are some updates:
  • Says "mo" for "more"
  • Starting to shake her head for "no" now.  Hopefully, it will be awhile before she actually says it. ;)
  • Starting to get a little picky with her food. One day she'll love peas, the next day she'll throw them on the floor. She will often protest now at the start of a meal, but once she gets the food in her mouth, she'll want more. Mealtimes are definitely not my favorite time of the day anymore.
  • Loves to brush her own teeth
  • Really starting to understand instructions and follow them
  • Loves to walk/run when we're holding both her hands, but is a lot more hesitant when we let go of one of her hands 
Leah: You are becoming a lot more independent now that you are 1. I can put you down at daycare without you clinging onto me or crying. You don't even flinch when I leave. At the park, you will start crawling all over and barely notice if I'm there. At night though, when we put you to bed, you always want mommy to hold you first before you start pointing to your crib.  You're also a very curious little girl, just like your mama was. You examine your surroundings, your toys, people...everything. It's so cute seeing the wheels in your head turn, and I know you're learning new things everyday. We love you!  xoxo mommy and daddy

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