Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The Pacific Theater at Americana at Brand has Mommy and Me movies every Monday morning, and the past two Mondays I went to watch Ice Age and The Dark Knight Returns.  It's really fun being able to go see the movies and not worry about any noise Leah might make since every baby in there makes their share of noise at one point or another.  They have a stroller parking area, but many moms also bring it into the actual theater.  About half the moms just use a carrier.  Inside the theater they even set up a diaper changing station.  Leah was super well behaved both times.  I made sure to bring some snacks, water, and toys to occupy her for awhile.  I would also nurse her in the middle during her normal feeding time.  She would watch the screen for a minute or two but then start paying attention to the other babies near her or play with her friend Lia.  DKR is almost 3 hours, and I wasn't sure if Leah would last the whole movie, but she ended up falling asleep for a hour and half!  A lot more daddies showed up to watch DKR which I found amusing.  I had a great time and it was nice to be able to finally watch a movie again!

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