Monday, July 2, 2012


I met up with Sharon and her baby Cameron today at Lemonade.  Lemonade is a super cute little place in Pasadena.  It's a cafeteria style restaurant that has fresh, yummy, and healthy food selections such as salads, pastas, fish, chicken, soups, and pastries.  Of course they also have a variety of fresh lemonade flavors to choose from.  I got Blood Orange - delicious!  It can get really crowded during peak meal hours, so we arrived right when it opened to make sure we could fit our strollers.  I was too hungry to take any pics besides the macaroons (that seems to be a common theme for me - oops!).  Here's the macaroons!

Cameron is 3 days younger than Leah, and this was my first time meeting him.  It's really fun meeting up with other mommies with similar aged babies.  Since we're both going through this huge stage in our lives, we have a lot to talk about.  Cameron is adorable, and as you can see from the picture, the babies loved looking at each other!

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