Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

We had a BBQ at our house today and Leah had so much fun!  First, we had a TON of food.  I think we have enough leftovers for 3 more BBQs.  We had sliders, brats, chicken skewers, carne asada, popovers, pulled pork, grilled fruit, and 3 different cakes/pies!  Unfortunately, I was so busy running around, chatting, and taking care of Leah, that I forgot to take pictures of the food spread.  I did remember to get a picture of the pies and cakes (frozen key lime pie, tres leches cake, and banana cream pie).

Matt set up a little baby pool that was a big hit.  We had four babies in it, and they were having a blast!  Side note: that's the most babies we've ever had at the house.  Everyone was so well behaved, and it was super cute watching the babies {kind of} interact with each other.  

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