Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yamashiro Farmers Market

I'm excited that the Yamashiro Farmers Market is back up and running!  We went a few times last year to check out the view, eat, and wine taste.  Back then it was easy to just decide to go somewhere and go.  When you don't have a baby, you never think about whether a venue is baby friendly or not.  When we decided to go today, I was a little hesitant but decided to give it a try.

Last year they had a huge parking issue.  Even though valet was only like $3, it was so crowded that it took us over 30 minutes once to get our car.  This year they changed their strategy, they now have a parking lot below the hill, and they shuttle guests for free to the market.  SMART!!  Unfortunately, kids under 5 years are not allowed on the shuttle.  So, I thought we were going to have to fork over the $15 to valet.  Once we got there, we found out that since we had a baby, parking was only $5!  Score!

All I could remember from before is that there were stairs to get down to the farmers market.  I wasn't sure whether we could bring the stroller or if we needed to put Leah in the carrier.  When we parked, we asked one of the valet guys if there was a ramp so that we could bring the stroller.  A super nice lady who overheard us pointed to the ramp and said there were tons of strollers. 

So when we finally got to the farmers market area, it was like stroller city!  There were tons of strollers, kids, babies everywhere!!  I totally do not remember that many kids being there before.  We got some food, shared a table with another friendly family, and enjoyed the scene.

Photo Courtesy of Yamashiro Restaurant

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