Monday, May 21, 2012

6 Months!

My little critter bug is 6 months today!  I know I say this every month, but seriously, where has the time gone?  She's wearing size 2 diapers, is 26.5 inches, and 14 lbs 10.2 ounces.  She's on the lean side but tall for her age.  I've put away a bunch of clothes that don't fit her anymore to make room for the 6-12 month clothes. 

Along with rice cereal, she now eats oatmeal, peas, and today we're starting sweet potatoes.  It took her a day or two to enjoy the peas, but now she gets impatient if I take to0 long to give her the next bite.  Her bottom 2 teeth are coming in and she's getting close to sitting up on her own.  She can sit for a few seconds, then when she tries to go grab something she'll fall over. 

This girl is starting to get LOUD.  She babbles a lot, and she's found her inner opera voice.  She'll make this super high pitched sound that almost shatters the glass.  I feel like I need ear plugs sometimes.  I can't complain though - I have to remember she's learning.  She loves songs and gets super giggly whenever we sing any type of song.  She also likes rough play (must get it from daddy).  Whenever we're at Gymboree, the activities she seems to like the most are the ones where she's bouncing, jumping, shaking, and wiggling.     


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