Monday, April 30, 2012

San Diego - Again

San Diego seems to be our go to destination for a quick get away lately.  It's an easy drive, beautiful, and we get a chance to see some friends and family.  We were suppose to go to North Carolina for a wedding this weekend, but as we started to plan out the logistics, it just seemed too stressful with a 5 month old.  We stayed at the Hotel del Coronado which is such a great hotel for families.  It seemed like everyone there had a stroller in tow. 

We drove down early Friday morning so that we could take advantage of some pool time.  Matt got into the pool first and then I handed Leah to him.  She was not happy!  She started wailing immediately.  I think the sudden rush of the water was not a very pleasant experience.  Matt quickly got out and handed her to me to calm her down.  First attempt - fail.  We decided to call it a day after that.

Saturday, we ate breakfast with an old friend of mine, Angela.  Everytime she sees Leah, she always has a gift in hand!  This time it was a cute spring dress.  This little girl is so spoiled.   We haven't seen each other since Christmas, so it was a great time catching up.  

That afternoon, we decided to try the pool thing one more time.  We needed to change our strategy however.  This time, Matt sat by the pool and held her.  We would rub some of the water on her to get her used to the feeling.  Then we slowly brought her in the water - feet first, legs, butt, etc.  I accompanied them in the water and made faces at her to keep her distracted from what was happening.  Success!  She was laughing, smiling and checking out the scene.  Whew!  

In the evening, we went to Steve and Autumn's BBQ.  The minute we got there, Leslie took Leah and held her for a good 10-15 minutes.  That gave us a chance to sit down and eat peacefully. :)  Thanks Leslie!  From all the excitement at the pool that afternoon, Leah was starting to get really tired and she feel asleep in the Bjorn the rest of the time - even with the music blasting!  Since I was carrying her, I was unable to take any pictures, but we all had a good time.  Happy Birthday, Autumn!

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