Saturday, April 21, 2012

5 Months!

Leah turns 5 months today!

She doesn't have a check up this month so I don't know what her stats are, but she's definitely getting bigger and bigger everyday!  She's such a happy baby and loves to socialize with other babies and people.  We go to Gymboree twice a week, and she has so much fun there.  She cracks up with all the singing and games.

I started her on rice cereal today which she seemed to like.  I don't know if she ate it because she just wanted something in her mouth or if she really liked eating "solid" food.

She's starting to get some separation anxiety and gets a little fussy when she doesn't see me.  I finally found a daycare I like and she'll start next week.  I'm so nervous!  I can't wait to get that first week over with.  I hope she does okay!!

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