Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Here are some photos from Halloween! Leah told us months in advance that she wanted to be Queen Elsa from Frozen. She never once changed her mind so we just rolled with it. I have purposely avoided buying any type of costume princess dresses, because I knew she would want to wear it 24/7. For her, wearing a "princess dress" was being able to wear any type of dress.  When we showed Leah the Elsa dress we bought for her, the look of excitement on her face was priceless! Since Halloween, it has been a special treat to be able to wear it around the house.

Leah originally wanted Ava to be Anna, but I couldn't find an Anna costume small enough! Leah then said "Ava can be Olaf then, because Olaf is smaller than Anna." I took an old white onesie and glued on Olaf's face with felt. It was super easy! Matt mentioned dressing up as Kristoff the day of Halloween. He was able to make his costume out of stuff he already had around the house {including that blonde wig!}. I didn't want to be the only one not in costume, so I used the left over felt from Ava's Olaf to try to make reindeer ears for Sven! I'm pretty impressed with our day-of costumes! Two years ago, we dressed up as Laker girls {see photo here}, so I'm really happy we ended up doing family costumes again. We're definitely going to make it a tradition! Can't wait for next year!

*top 3 photos by Bob Cho

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