Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ava: 7 Months!

Past the half year mark... I must admit that it's totally bittersweet to see her growing up. Since we most likely will not be having anymore kids, everyday the thought crosses my mind that my days of baby cuddles, baby smells, gummy grins, etc are numbered. Some updates from the past month:
  • Started to sit up and army crawl {I wasn't prepared to have a mobile baby this early!}
  • Started solids and she loves it! Her favorites so far are butternut squash, applesauce, and feeding herself mum-mums
  • Her top two teeth came in
  • Stopped sucking her thumb. I think because she's been able to put a pacifier in her mouth by herself
Ava: My little mama's girl! You are the happiest little baby around, and you love your dada and big sister, but your face lights up like crazy when you see your mama. As a result, I often can't leave your side without you protesting. You are also a big cuddle bug. While you love your new discovery of being able to move, your favorite activity is to be held. I don't mind it at all. Thank you for all your smiles, thank you for all your snuggles... I'm hoping the next month goes a little slower! xoxo

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