Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pregnancy...Round 2

A lot of people have asked me how pregnancy is the second time around. I mentioned here that physically, I was more nauseous and tired the first trimester into early second trimester. Mentally, it has also been a whole different ballgame.

After going through the experience of pregnancy once and now having to keep up with a toddler, it has actually been really hard to soak in the fact that I am pregnant. I have yet to take a picture of my growing belly. I have yet to think of any names besides the ones Matt suggests {he has been diligently keeping a list of potential names he likes in his phone}.  I have yet to do any type of nursery preparation besides posting a few pins on Pinterest.  With Leah, I wrote in my pregnancy journal, and organized all my sonogram photos by week. With #2, you'll find sonogram photos on the kitchen counter, in my bag, on the desk, etc. Then, I walk past a mirror and see my belly or feel little kicks and rolls and am reminded that I have this amazing little human being growing inside me. I feel guilty that this pregnancy hasn't received the same amount of attention as the first one, but there is no doubt that the amount of love we have for this tiny baby is already immeasurable. 

For mothers going through pregnancy again, how has the second {or third or fourth} time differed from the first one for you?


  1. OMG I had no idea! Congrats to you and Matt! Leah is going to be sooooo excited! Miss u guys! Muah!

  2. the second time around was really hard bc i was chasing after a toddler! but the labor and delivery was easy breezy compared to the first! it's so sad but i feel like the second always kind of gets neglected. hehe.


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