Thursday, November 21, 2013

2 Years!

Oh man, really?! Has it been 2 years already??? While Leah's first year was amazing, this second year has been so much fun! Her personality is shining, and she is so full of life. Her giggle and laugh just light up my day, and I could seriously cuddle with her all day if she would only let me. Here are some updates from the past month:

  • Weight: 24 lbs. 9.5 oz; Height: 35.12 inches {skinny & tall} 
  • I love discovering new songs she knows like "Jesus Loves Me," "Ring Around the Rosie," "Baa, Baa Black Sheep," "Rock a Bye Baby" I'm sure there are more we haven't uncovered yet. 
  • I mentioned before she's a daddy's girl, but let me say that again! If I wake her up in the morning, the first thing she will ask is "Where daddy go?" There have been days where she tells me to go into another room so that she can have daddy all to herself, and days when she's pretty much attached to Matt's hip.  
  • We're always amazed by how much information this girl can hold in her little brain. Everyday Matt goes through his checklist of items he needs to bring with him out the door - beeper, wallet, keys, cellphone, ID. Out of no where one day, Leah recited Matt's checklist exactly. I wonder how long she's been able to do that for! 
  • She told me "I love you, mommy" without me prompting her, and it just melted my heart!! She also now says this when she knows she did something she's not suppose to. 
  • Her favorite thing to do is to just run freely in open space. Her arms are flailing, hair blowing in the wind, and she has the biggest smile ever. She also loves to walk while holding on to each of our hands and to be chased by Matt. 
  • She's still obsessed with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and often walks around the house carrying those stuffed toys. 
  • She discovered how to unzip and take off her sleep sack. She'll do this in the middle of the night, and when we get her in the morning, she says "I did it!" The days of the sleep sack are over. 
  • While mealtime is definitely not her favorite, she prefers noodles/pasta, seaweed, fish, pizza, curry rice, dumplings, and of course, anything sweet. 
Leah: My sweet darling girl. You have grown up so much this year. We enjoy having conversations with you, and you enjoy teasing us. Every night before mommy and daddy go to bed, we still watch you over the monitor and gush about the things you did that day that made us laugh. When I try to comprehend just how much I love you, I am humbled at the thought of how much more God loves us. I am thankful everyday that He has allowed me to be your momma, and I am excited for what this next year will bring. Happy 2nd birthday, little lady!! xoxo


  1. aww, i bet her and everly would get along so well! everly has yet to say i love you to me. :( you lucky, mama! and leah is so advanced verbally!


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