Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day Care Battle Wound

I debated about whether or not to write about this, but since it's Leah's first I feel obligated. 

Leah got her first ouchie at day care 2 weeks ago -  a big ol' bite! I surprisingly stayed calm when the teacher told me what happened, and I'm relieved to say Leah took it pretty well. She tried to take another girl's toy, and the little girl bit her in return. Leah did not cry, just whined a little bit as she showed the teacher. I originally thought I'd be furious at the little girl who bit her, but  I know 2 year olds are kind of at that stage. I'm also pretty sure Leah will one day be on the flip side of the scenario too, no matter how much I tell her no pushing, no biting, etc. 

2 weeks later, and I've noticed Leah is still slightly traumatized. She's a little hesitant when kids get close to her, and she no longer freely hands out hugs and kisses to any kid {with the exception of little babies}. She also continues to point to her arm and say "Ami did it. Be nice. Sorry." 

Sorry, you got a boo boo baby girl! Mommy will continue to give you lot of kisses! 

{Leggings by House of Mia}

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  1. awww sweet Leah! That pic breaks my heart! I'm bummed that this happened but am impressed with your calm and rational response. I hope I can have the same attitude when/if Olive deals with this!! xo


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