Saturday, March 3, 2012

Terrance's Wedding

Leah attended her first wedding today. The wedding was at the same church Matt and I got married. It was fun to see Lori, the wedding coordinator for the church, and now show her Leah. How time flies! I was nervous how Leah would be at the wedding. Luckily, there was a bunch of other kids and babies making noise there too - so I didn't feel so bad!

The wedding ceremony started an hour late. Leah got a little fussy in her car seat, so I had to take her out of the stroller and stand in the back. Because the ceremony was late, the reception ended up starting like 2 hours late. As I was looking forward to having an adult beverage, the open bar pretty much closed the minute we got there! I guess since the wedding was running so late, the bar still closed at whatever set time was in the contract!  Leah was really fussy towards the end since it was way past her bedtime. After we ate our dinner we headed out.

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