Wednesday, March 21, 2012

4 Months!

Leah turns 4 months today!! She's a size 1 diaper and coming in at 24.8 inches (73%) and 13lb 7.5 oz (50%). She so alert and interactive now. Her eyes will follow me as I walk around the kitchen. She responds to me when I'm talking and she laughs hysterically when she sees herself in the mirror. She smiles when other people, even strangers, smile at her, and she babbles all the time. She also finally became a great sleeper! I had to do a little bit of nap training to get her to nap longer than 30-45 minutes. The most she cried though was probably 7 minutes. Sunday night we put her in her crib to sleep for the night for the first time. After 2 nights, she slept through the whole night (8:30pm-7:30am)! Woohoo!

She rolled from her tummy to back at 14 weeks.

She's trying really hard to roll from back to tummy.

She has started to grab at things. And today she even helped me turn the pages of her book when I was reading to her!

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