Friday, September 26, 2014

Ava: 6 Months!

Ava is 6 months! She is the happiest baby ever! I love seeing her gigantic smile and hearing her little giggles. Here are some updates:
  • Height: 26 inches, Weight: 14 lbs 6.9 ounces {she's a string bean like her sister}
  • Rolls all over the place now
  • Loves to grab anything in front of her
  • Starting to be able to sit for a couple seconds on her own
  • Has become a thumb sucker! 
  • Took her first flight to New York and did great! 
Ava: My sweet baby girl! I can't believe it's already been half a year, and I feel like you've really grown a lot this month. You are so alert and aware of your surroundings, and I can see your eyes taking it all in. I love to cuddle and snuggle with you, and I soak up every time you rest your head on my shoulder.  You love your big sister so much, and you light up whenever she attempts to play with you. I look forward to seeing what the next month brings! Happy 6 months! xoxo


  1. What a SWEET and adorable lil lady you have there! Gorgeous photos! How is the interaction between Ava and her sister? I bet they will be best of friends:)

    1. They adore each other! We still have to remind big sister to be gentle, but Ava doesn't seem to mind when Leah's a little on the rough side. I really do hope they become best friends!


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