Monday, March 24, 2014

Pregnancy Round 2

38 weeks! We're in the final stretch! I'm feeling pretty good besides the normal discomforts of being this far along. My parents brought up all the baby gear this past weekend, and it was kind of a weird sight seeing them all back in our house again. 2 years ago seems like forever! We're finally settling on a name, and hopefully once we meet the new baby, we'll be more certain.

I think Leah definitely knows what's going on. She sees the baby gear and acknowledges that they're for baby sister, she calls herself big sister or "jeh je" {older sister in Cantonese}, and she loves to pat, kiss, and hug my belly. We had the sweetest moment over the weekend when she was feeling my belly move and kept cracking up. One of her besties just had a baby sister as well, and she is so in love with the baby, I hope she will feel the same way about her very own! 

This pregnancy sure has flown by!! We can't wait to share about her arrival!

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